Join the 2020/21 WINTER veg box membership (CSA)

The winter CSA starts the beginning of November

The season is 12 weeks long, starting Nov 2020 to March 2021. It runs every other week.

We're offering a sliding payment scale

If you pay the higher prices, your payment will help fund shares for refugee families and others experiencing food poverty in Cornwall.

Our boxes/bags come in two sizes

Please have a think and select the payment level that best aligns with your income and background.
A fairer food system is possible and we can all work towards it by using our available resources as a guide.

Half share

6items roughly (suitable for small households and individuals)

  • Lower Income: £84 (£7/bag)
  • Middle Income: £120 (£10/bag)
  • Upper Income: £192 (£16/bag)
  • Highest Income: £300 (£25/bag
Full share

9items roughly (suitable for households)

  • Lower Income: £144 (£12/bag)
  • Middle Income: £180 (£15/bag)
  • Upper Income: £240 (£20/bag)
  • Highest Income: £336 (£28/bag)

In a typical box, you can look forward to

A full share has about 9 items and a half share about 6 with smaller quantities

  • A visually appealing, nutrient-dense Winter salad bag, with a bit of spice and remarkable flavours
  • A load of super-healthy, zingy microgreens e.g. Pea Shoots, Radish or Sunflower shoots
  • Bunched root vegetables e.g carrots or beets
  • Winter veg e.g. Leeks or cauliflower
  • Cooking greens e.g spinach, baby kale or chard
  • Radishes
  • Some other items e.g. Hodmedots Carlin Peas
  • Produce bought in at appropriate times e.g. parsnips for Christmas
Boxes vary across the season but we’ll also be growing fennel, kalettes

Please remember that this is a small project. We will make sure you get value for money. But you’re also supporting us so a bit of leeway is appreciated. This is not a big box scheme with all the bells and whistles but the food is so fresh, it will be tastier and last longer. If this is the first time you’re trying hyperlocal food, we frankly think you’ll be quite amazed. We always value feedback and thoughts on ways we can improve. 

As part of the CSA* membership you will:

  • Get two payment options: full season or installments
  • Support local small scale farming
  • Fresh, nutrient-dense Cornish salad veg
  • Food free from harmful sprays, aquaponics and grow lights
  • Get to know your farmer
  • Plastic-free packaging where possible (we use degradable plastic in some cases as it keeps salad fresher)
  • Help us through this time of unprecedented difficulty, while we keep your veg coming
* Community Supported Agriculture

This is a new and exciting way of producing and distributing food that connects you with the local people who grow it. You’re not just buying our veg. You’re choosing to co-create a community.

You can visit our FAQ‘s to see if we answer any questions you might have there.

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A Community Supported Agriculture scheme asks for commitment.
We can’t operate week by week.
We need your help.
Commit for the full season.
And if you pay upfront you get 5% off.

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