Join the 2022/2023 veg box membership (CSA)

Get the freshest, agroecological, heirloom veggies. Farmed right here in Flushing, Cornwall

Our CSA model has changed We are now starting on March the 11th

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☑️ Home delivery ☑️ Bi-weekly option ☑️ Full shop of extras ☑️ Pause whenever you want

Your food source for the year ahead

This is an exciting way of producing and distributing food that connects you with the local people who grow it. You’re not just buying our veg. You’re choosing to co-create a food community.

Your commitment help ensures we can buy seeds, compost and pay for labour to nurture the seedlings before they reach you.

As part of the CSA* membership you will:

  • Support local Cornish small scale farming with the shortest supply chain
  • Amazing mixed Salad EVERY week (except in exceptional circumstances), this is the corner stone of the box
  • Because we harvest the day before or hours before delivery the veggies are packed full of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals
  • Support our food justice mission – together we will make a more just and equitable food system
  • Choose upto 2 exclusion items
  • The ability to pick up your box from the Food Barn and swap any items for anything else
  • Support the farm through your commitment – it’s an awesome way to support a the farm, because it provides funds to the farmers at the beginning of the season and guarantees a home for the produce
  • Enjoy food free from harmful sprays and aquaponics
  • Get to know your farmer
  • Reduce food waste
  • Receive food in plastic-free packaging where possible (we use degradable plastic in some cases as it keeps salad fresher)
  • Choose from two options: pay for the full season in advance or in instalments

You can visit our FAQs to see if we answer any questions you might have there.

* Community Supported Agriculture
Support our social justice mission

The next season starts in May 2022 and ends mid-February 2023. We take a week off at the end of August to get ready for winter and we take a week off over Christmas.

We’re operating on a sliding payment scale. Those who join the “upper” and “higher” income brackets will help us fund shares for people experiencing food poverty in Cornwall.

Our sliding scale payment system

Our sliding scale pricing means there is an affordable box for everyone. And through that you choose to support our food justice mission – together we will work towards a more just and equitable food system.

Please consider carefully which payment level best aligns with your income and background. A fairer food system is possible if we all work towards it, using our available resources as a guide.

Half share

£11cost price

  • Lower Income: £6/box
  • Middle Income: £11/box
  • Upper Income: £17/box
  • Highest Income: £25/box
Full share

£16cost price

  • Lower Income: £9/box
  • Middle Income: £16/box
  • Upper Income: £22/box
  • Highest Income: £30/box
Starts with a promise

You commit to support the farm for 22 – 40-week growing season. We start growing your veg in the Spring.

From our farm

Each week from the end of May, we pick the best quality veg from our fields for your kitchen

You pick up

You collect your seasonal veggies from your pickup site of choice

Enjoy seasonal veg

You have exciting seasonal greens and veggies to experiment with while sharing and learning alongside our online community

Pay it forward

Your support helps another household experiencing food insecurity