Join the 2021/2022 veg box membership (CSA)

The 2021/22 CSA is 40 weeks long

The season will be May 2021 through to mid Feb 2022. We will have a week’s break at the beginning of September to get ready for winter and we will have two weeks off over Christmas.

Support our social justice mission

We’re operating a sliding payment scale; if you pay the higher prices, your payment will help fund shares for resettled families and others experiencing food poverty in Cornwall.

As part of the CSA* membership you will:

  • Get two payment options: full season or instalments
  • Support local small scale farming with the shortest supply chain
  • Support our food justice mission – together we will make a more just and equitable food system
  • Fresh, nutrient-dense Cornish salad veg
  • Food free from harmful sprays, aquaponics and grow lights
  • Get to know your farmer
  • Plastic-free packaging where possible (we use degradable plastic in some cases as it keeps salad fresher)
* Community Supported Agriculture

This is an exciting way of producing and distributing food that connects you with the local people who grow it. You’re not just buying our veg. You’re choosing to co-create a food community.

You can visit our FAQs to see if we answer any questions you might have there.

In a typical box, you can look forward to

  • A visually appealing, nutrient-dense Winter salad bag, with a bit of spice and remarkable flavours
  • We love super-healthy, zingy microgreens e.g. Pea Shoots, Radish or Sunflower shoots
  • Bunched root vegetables e.g carrots or beets are firm favourites
  • We always try and include a cooking green e.g spinach, baby kale or chard
  • We are increasing our greenhouse space for those cucumbers and tomatoes
  • We’re also looking at increasing our diversity to include some more seasonal stuff, expect some fennel, green sprouting broccoli, green beans, cabbage, snap peas and more
Boxes vary across the season

The Full Share has about 8-9 items

and generally feeds 2-4 people

The Half Share contains 5-6 items

and generally feeds 1-2 people

The Salad Share contains a bag of salad and two herbs

Enough salad for 2 people for one week

Our sliding scale payment system

Please have a think and select the payment level that best aligns with your income and background.
A fairer food system is possible and we can all work towards it by using our available resources as a guide.

Salad share

£5cost price

  • Lower Income: £4/box
  • Middle Income: £5/box
  • Upper Income: £8/box
  • Highest Income: £12/box
Half share

£10cost price

  • Lower Income: £7/box
  • Middle Income: £10/box
  • Upper Income: £16/box
  • Highest Income: £25/box
Full share

£15cost price

  • Lower Income: £12/box
  • Middle Income: £15/box
  • Upper Income: £21/box
  • Highest Income: £30/box

Please remember that this is a small project. We will make sure you get value for money. But you’re also supporting us so a bit of leeway is appreciated. This is not a big box scheme with all the bells and whistles but the food is so fresh, it will be tastier and last longer. If this is the first time you’re trying hyperlocal food, we frankly think you’ll be quite amazed. We always value feedback and thoughts on ways we can improve. 

Please read our T&C’s.

Pickup locations

It’s still early, so  pick up locations might flex and change. You can switch locations before the start of the season. Exact pick-up times will be confirmed by Spring.


  • Soul Farm are involved in a new project, we are launching a Saturday covered market with some other local suppliers. You can pick up your box and buy more. Get your coffee and meet friends.
  • If you vulnerable or shielding or have transport issues you can choose delivery for £5 a week – we will need to check that you are on our route

Other pickup spots include:

  • Penryn
  • Stithians
  • Carnkie
  • Falmouth
  • Truro

We ask that you pick up your share if you are able. This gives us more capacity to deliver to vulnerable and low income households who don’t have transport.

Reserve a place (limited places available)

A Community Supported Agriculture scheme asks for commitment.
We can’t operate week by week.
We need your help.
Commit for the full season.
And if you pay upfront you get 5% off.
See out T&C’s here.

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NB. This is a google form, not an online payment. We need to process your membership form manually.