Join the 2020 veg box membership (CSA)

****** CSA Membership now closed *****

We've had phenomenal uptake to the CSA scheme. But this won't be the end, we're looking into other ways to get you veg and salad on a more adhoc basis. So follow our facebook and Instagram to keep up to date. We won't be doing a waiting list as we don't have time for that admin involved with that.
Our boxes come in two sizes

The season is 26 weeks long, starting May 2020

  • Large shares (suitable for a family)
    Our large shares cost £14 per week paid in five instalments of £72.80 or in a discounted single payment of £345.80 for the season.
  • Small shares (suitable for small households and individuals)
    Our small shares cost £9 per week paid five instalments of £46.80 or in a discounted single payment of £222.30 for the season

Extras you can add:

  • Olfactory coffee beans (£7 per week)
  • Rose Valley Farm flowers for (£9 per week)
  • Rose Valley Farm eggs for (£4 per week)

As part of the CSA* membership you will:

  • Get two payment options: full season or monthly
  • Support local small scale farming
  • Fresh, nutrient-dense Cornish salad veg
  • Food free from harmful sprays, aquaponics and grow lights
  • Get to know your farmer
  • Plastic-free packaging where possible (we use degradable plastic in some cases as it keeps salad fresher)
  • Help us through this time of unprecedented difficulty, while we keep your veg coming
* Community Supported Agriculture

This is a new and exciting way of producing and distributing food that connects you with the local people who grow it. You’re not just buying our veg. You’re choosing to co-create a community.

In a typical box, you can look forward to:
  • A visually appealing, nutrient-dense salad bag, with beautiful flowers and remarkable flavours
  • A load of super-healthy, zingy microgreens e.g. Pea Shoots, Radish or Sunflower shoots
  • Bunched root vegetables e.g carrots or beets
  • Green house vegetables e.g tomatoes, aubergine and/or cucumbers
  • Other cooking leafs e.g spinach, baby kale or chard
  • Herbs e.g. Parsley
  • Spring onions 
Boxes vary across the season but we’ll also be growing leeks, broad beans, french beans and courgette to name a few friendly additions you can anticipate

Please remember that this is a small project. We will make sure you get value for money. But you’re also supporting us so a bit of leeway is appreciated. This is not a big box scheme with all the bells and whistles but the food is so fresh, it will be tastier and last longer. If this is the first time you’re trying hyperlocal food, we frankly think you’ll be quite amazed. We always value feedback and thoughts on ways we can improve. 

How it works:

1. Order
  • Choose which box size you want
  • Decide how you want to pay
  • Complete the form
  • Wait for you invoice, we need to do this manually and can’t do it from the field. We’ll send you an invoice with recurring payments if you choose to pay in instalments.
2. Enjoy!
  • We’ll send you recipes and food storage tips 
  • You can join our members’ Facebook page where we talk about how things work and give updates
  • You’ll either pick up or have your box delivered to you based on where you live and how you organise it with us (we can discuss what happens in the event of self-isolation)

Choice of two payment options

A Community Supported Agriculture scheme asks for commitment.
We can’t operate week by week.
We need your help.
Support us for the season and you get 5% off.


NB. This is a google form, not an online payment. We need to process your membership for manually.