Frequently asked questions

This should also help you work out how it works

What is in my box and can I change things?

Yes and no. The CSA veg box is pre-packed for you. This usually consists of salad, a cooking green, normally a root or two and maybe some more unusal items. You can however choose a “Custom box” and put whatever you want in there.

Are you certified organic?

No. But we follow organic principles: we don’t use pesticides and all our seeds and compost are organic. We go beyond organic in that we don’t use lights or hydroponics and we don’t plough – all those things that are allowed in organic farming but we don’t believe they help the planet or food quality. We also use a lot well rotted manure from the local horse livery, therefore closing the growing loop. This is not certified either but the composting process gets rid of any nasties. We’re not sure we need to pay for organic certification at this point as we’re quite transparent and we hope that you’ll get to know the farmer anyway. You can always email us with questions about our practices.

What are your growing practices?
We practise “no dig”, which is all about growing soil health.
All of our produce is grown sustainably without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilisers.
For more information about our growing methods, please ask. We’re happy to answer any questions!
Where is the food grown?

All Soul Farm food is grown in sunny Cornwall, UK. We supply the local area and won’t be driving far to deliver products. If you don’t buy from us then you may have to buy from a supermarket. So we do suppliment our boxes with produce from other farms. We are more fussy than other suppliers, and definately follow the seasons. First we approach local Cornish farms, then if that fails we use British farms and if we can’t source from the UK then we’ll look further afield.

Going away isn’t a problem for your veg box through the Ooooby platform. It’s totally flexible.

You can just pause your box for that time. Go onto the Dashboard > View current pauses > Add Pause.

You must do this by Wednesday before the delivery day so that we do not harvest your veg and it might go to waste.

Orders can be picked up from set place drop off places in Flushing, Mylor, Penryn, Falmouth, Stithians, Carnkie, Redruth and Truro. We’ll email you the address.

If you’re picking up you’ll be asked to join a Whatsapp group for that location and you’ll be notified when it’s been dropped off.

Get delivery to your door for free if you spend over £25 or for £3 for anything over £15. And if you are on our delivery route.

  • We aim for all our veg to be grown by Soul Farm
  • Sometimes we might be short of an item or two so some boxes get one item and other boxes get something else
  • If we’re really short, we sometimes buy in veg from some of our local farm friends that grow in the area. We know exactly how they grow so it meets our standards. Examples of this is Raw Skies farm in Stithians and Patrick’s Patch in Falmouth.
  • We also sometimes buy in bulk from Riverford wholesale – one of the best sources of organic veg we’re found. We will prioritise buying British veg and this is mainly in the early Spring during the hungry gap
We can leave your delivery in a specific location of your choosing. Please be aware that leafy greens need cool and can wilt. We’ll find some shade but this is not ideal for the life span of the food.
1. Volunteer – we’ll let you how know in welcome emails
2. Donate – Non-veg donation (because you want to support a farmer), email us. 
3. Spread the word – Tell your friends and family about us and share our Facebook page!

Some of the veg we produce live longer in plastic bags or tupperware.

We’ve experimented with corn plastic but don’t like the idea of the air miles they involve and of fields being used to make plastic. We’ve also tried bags made from thistles, but these suck the moisture out of the leaves 🙁

Eco Plastic bag tech is clearly not there yet. This is an ongoing conversation and we’ll keep you updated on what where we’re at.

We really value and rely on your commitment but if life throws a curveball (as it often does). Just pause your veg box.

If you paid for the whole season upfront and you do need to cancel your membership, we ask that you try to sell your share to a friend before we go to the waiting list, therefore reducing our admin.