Frequently asked questions

This should also help you work out how it works

Why are you limited to a certain number of boxes?

We want to make sure we have enough veg week in week out.

We open cohorts of people to get membership to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme periodically.

If we’re able to supply more boxes, we’ll open up a new window.

Are you certified organic?

No. But we follow organic principles, we use no pesticides, we use organic seeds and compost. We go beyond organic, in that we don’t use lights or hydroponics and we don’t plough – all those things that are allowed in organic farming but we feel don’t help the planet or food quality. We also use a lot well rotted manure from the local horse livery, therefore closing the loop. This is not certified either but the composting process gets rid of any nasties. We’re not sure we need to pay for the certificate, as we’re quite transparent and we hope that you’ll get to know the farmer anyway. You can always email us with questions about our practices.

What are your growing practices?
We practice a method called no dig, which is all about growing soil health.
All of our produce is grown sustainably without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilisers.
For more information about our growing methods, please ask. We’re happy to answer any questions!
Where is the food grown?

All grown in sunny Cornwall, UK. We supply the local area and won’t be driving far at all to deliver products. We believe local is 10-20 miles max, not Bristol and definitely not Normandy or Holland.

How does your Veggie Box CSA work?

We ask that people put their order in through our shop then set up an online payment, this saves us some money that won’t go to Paypal or a bank.

You subscribe either by the season and get a discount or pay full price and pay monthly by direct debit. This then runs for a set amount of time.

1. Order
  • Choose which box size you want
  • Decide whether you want to support us for the season or pay monthly
  • Fill out the google form here
  • Pay the invoice that we manually raise for you
2. Receive and enjoy
  • We’ll send you weekly emails with recipes and info about the food
  • You’ll either pick up or have your box delivered to you based on where you live and how you organise it with us
What happens if I go out of town or on holiday?

No problem, just let us know.  We can’t give your money back to you or give you credit but you can either gift the box to a friend or family member which is good all round as it saves a bit of admin. You can do at least one deferral. Or you can decide to give to someone in need (there are a lot in Cornwall and something we want to really dial into). Ask us for details.

Where and when do I get my orders?
  • Orders can be picked up from set places in Flushing, Mylor, Penryn, Falmouth, Stithians, Carnkie and Truro. We’ll email you the address.
  • We’re still exploring delivery routes and days of the week with the ever evolving situation we are in
  • Home delivery is possible to Flushing, Mylor, Penryn, Falmouth, Stithians, Carnkie and Truro
We can leave your delivery in a specific location of your choosing. Please be aware that leafy greens need cool and can wilt. We’ll find some shade but this is not ideal for the life span of the food.
We need the support of our community to keep doing what we do.
2. Donate
Non veg donation (because you want to support a farmer), email us. 
3. Spread the word
   Tell your friends and family about us and share our Facebook page!

Many of the veg we produce live longer in plastic bags or tupperware. All our restaurants go out in tupperware boxes. For our CSA customers we’re looking into more permanent zip lock bags, that will have your name on it, that you can then return to me.

We’ve experimented with corn plastic but don’t like the idea of air miles and field being used to make plastic. We’ve also tried bags made from thistles, but these suck the moisture out of the leaves 🙁

Eco Plastic bag tech is clearly not there yet. So we’re going to be delivering everything in paper bags or in re-usable plastic like tupperware or silicone bags.