Solidarity veg boxes: make real food accessible to everyone

We believe in the food and the way it’s grown. You probably do too. Veg grown near your home, using organic principles, is always going to taste better and give your body what it’s asking for. It’s real food. It’s the future of farming. It should be accessible to everyone.

Buzzwords like “ecological” and “organic” can spell “expensive” and put limits on who we think the food is for. But if it’s worth eating and it’s the way we should be farming then we need to build food communities open to anyone who wants to join them. That’s why Soul Farm runs a solidarity veg box scheme.

How it works

Solidarity veg boxes are fully funded. The households we deliver them to don’t pay anything. Often these members are people we’ve met through a local food bank or refugee charity. We deliver these boxes directly to their door, aware that lack of transport can make it difficult for some solidarity members to get to our collection points. Our low income boxes are sold below cost price, no questions asked.

We started funding our solidarity boxes with donations a couple of years ago but we’re now entering our second growing season where we fund them through a sliding scale model. If you buy a box on our upper income or highest income tiers, you’re helping us fund low income and solidarity boxes in a more sustainable way.

More than that, anyone who receives our boxes is a full member. They’re invited to join our online community to weigh in on farm decisions and tell us what they’d like to eat more or less of. And all of our members get first dibs on farm visits and events as well as the pick of the crop. Read more about the benefits of joining our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) veg box scheme to understand more about what we want to build with and for everyone.

Show up

Our 2021-2022 CSA veg box scheme opens in May and we have the potential for at least a quarter of our members to be on our low income or solidarity tiers. This is an opportunity for all of us to think about our shared future. So we’re inviting you to join us and take steps to stand with local people experiencing food insecurity by joining our veg box scheme.

At Soul Farm, we’re pushing hard into this aspect of our work this year with funding and support from The Real Farming Trust, The National Lottery Community Fund and the Landworkers Alliance. We recognise the limitations. We’re going to keep investigating what we need to keep improving. And we’re trying to show up for others in real relationships. We’re figuring out how to give more choice and how to actively listen. A new delivery driver has just joined us too! Hopefully we’ll tell you more about them soon.

At the end of the day, it’s simple. We’re growing it. We just want the food to go where it needs to go. And we believe that’s what you want too.

Sign up for our May 2021 to February 2022 veg box scheme

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