Meet Naomi

Could you introduce yourself to us? 

I’m Naomi (pronounced Nairme ) I was born in the centre of Bristol with a love of the allotment, green spaces, wild water and finding trees to climb. I journeyed to Falmouth when I was 18 to do my art foundation. I fell in love with the sea and ended up staying a lot longer than I expected!

What’s your role at Soul Farm?

I have started this January as a part-time grower. In addition to this,  I will be supporting Soul Farm on the ground, with the glamorous title of On-field Volunteer Liaison.

What led you here?

As a child I was happiest with my hands in the soil. The place I loved the most was my parents allotment and summers spent in wild Welsh fields with the charity, Forest School Camps. The world has always made most sense when I was outside. I grew up growing food – shoving seeds and wishes in the ground.

Over the years I have WWOOFed on organic farms, taught children to grow food, studied herbs, planted my own and school allotments, a dye garden and studied permaculture design. Most recently, I have been working to connect people with the alchemy of nature, community and their own creativity. I am a forest school leader, community artist and creative facilitator.

2020 saw a huge shift from working with people. During the first lockdown I went to support friends to set up their veg box scheme in Devon. I was given the role of Head Propagator and, in the matter of days, became a full-time grower.

Food is such a powerful and political way of connecting with where and who we are that my nurturing of communities has shifted to nurturing plants and people’s bellies. It is with great pride that I am joining the Soul Farm family alongside running TIDE Forest School and Creative Roots.

What are your favourite things that you do at Soul Farm?

Work with people that have shared beliefs in growing beautiful, delicious, earth friendly food in a way that nurtures community. That said, I love planting seeds and arriving in the early to pick the BEST salad and edible flowers under the moon.

What connects you to the land?

Quietly noticing the change of the season: the first primrose, the first seeds germinating or squash ripening, the hazel flowers appearing and the wild buzzards, and the quiet crescent moon watching all the farm’s busyness.

What are you looking forward to growing this year? Or what are you looking forward to doing with the farm this year?

All of it! It is such an exciting time with seed packets full of potential and abundance.  I am so looking forward to supporting people to access good nutritious and local food. I really love growing squash and I’m hoping to sneak some sunflowers in somewhere too!

Could you tell us about something you like doing in your free time?

Sing, make balms, baskets and I am just starting to make my first pair of dungarees……

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