Newsletter 21st of Jan — Get through winter together – honouring rhythms

Sending you warmth and comfort in a week where the weather has been challenging. Our polytunnels are holding up and we’re feeling grateful that the growers felt able to work with the weather and be flexible with their days. While we can’t fully hibernate during the winter, rest is a core value for us at Soul Farm and we appreciate the reminder to honour our rhythms – the theme of this week’s newsletter!

Value yourself – eat your veg

The combination of wet, windy winter and lockdown dragging on can be pretty demotivating. We hope that a fridge full of veg inspires you but we know how easy falling out of rhythm is. A lot of January messaging is about healthy eating but we’ve been thinking about cooking as a way of valuing ourselves. So we’re consciously cramming as much veg into meals as possible and committing to getting a little more creative with lunch as that can be the meal that gets casual treatment. In particular, we’re trying different takes on bimbimbap, Korean rice bowls. Our Tokyo turnips have been a winner here.

Meditatively massaging kale

One of our favourite uses of kale is in salads. Remove the stems and massage the leaves in lemon juice and olive until tender. It takes a little longer than just cutting it up to, say, saute, but there’s something so love-filled and embodied about spending a few minutes this way.

Photo and featured photo Amy Bullock 

Here to support you

And generally thinking about food rituals that get us through winter, even just eating locally grown, seasonal food grown to organic standards connects to life beyond our four walls. This food is particularly important to supporting immune systems during winter.

Help us help each other

Since our second growing season (just last year), we’ve been delivering solidarity veg boxes to local people experiencing food insecurity. With our sliding scale tier system we’ve been able to seriously and sustainably increase this work. We’re looking forward to feeding and connecting with many more households who need access to good food in the May 2021 to February 2022 CSA (community supported agriculture) veg box scheme. If you haven’t signed up yet, take a closer look. Those who sign up on the two highest tiers fund boxes for “low income” and solidarity boxes.
Whether or not you join us for this year’s CSA season, you can help us to make the solidarity boxes as rounded as possible by donating to our basics fund which will go towards adding items such as potatoes to the boxes – crops we won’t be growing this year.


If you are a paid member, you can also now add a “basics share” and other extras (fruit, eggs and organic tinned goods) to your box.

The Food Barn – Tregrew

The market is on again this week: 9am-1pm between Flushing and Mylor. We are selling fruit and veg by the box in sizes standard (£7.50) and large (£15). Fruit-only boxes are £12 and we’re also selling kale and salad separately.

Hope to see you around soon,

The Soul Farm Team

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