Newsletter 7th of Jan — Eat your greens – and other hopeful things

It’s already been a long year for everyone but we keep focusing on hope, rest and reconnection. We’re looking forward to bringing some of you our veg boxes this week as we continue to work at winter’s gentler pace. 

In this newsletter we’re going to bring you onto the farm with us, update you on how you can get our veg and share a few things we’ve been finding helpful. 

What’s happening on the farm

Winter tends to be a time to take things a bit slower with jobs that lay foundations. So we’re getting started on new projects we’re pretty excited about: a new wash and pack station, a nursery staging area and potting space, more irrigation as well as tools and hangout space for volunteers. Pics to follow!

These are all signs of growth for the farm: more veg and hopefully more opportunities to enjoy time with you as soon as we can safely do so. We’re grateful for the funding that’s enabled us to get this all going. 

You can now sign up online

We’ve just launched an online shop which allows you to sign up for our 2021-2022 CSA veg box scheme. Hopefully this simplifies matters but you can always contact us if you want to talk anything through. 

You can also use the shop to add extras to your boxes, such as local eggs and organic groceries, even if you’ve already signed up.

The Food Barn – Tregew is on this week!

The market is keeping an eye on government guidelines for food sellers during this lockdown and will be open every Saturday starting this Saturday so you can grab your essentials (and a delicious takeaway coffee!). This week you can buy veg, fish, bread, shellfish, cakes, puddings and some tinned goods in a well ventilated, semi-outdoors space. We’ll be running a one-way system and, as before, everyone is encouraged to wear a mask. 

If you are collecting your veg box from our stall at the barn, you can swap two items for another two. Let us know by tomorrow (Thursday) if you’d like to move your collection to the barn.

What’s in this week’s boxes?

(Some things might change on the day)


  • Salad
  • Mixed kale
  • Leeks
  • Carrots
  • Beetroot
  • Swede
  • Mouli radish


  • Everything that’s in the small PLUS
  • Chard
  • Herbs
  • Kalette tops
  • Cauliflower

Food focus

Super fresh, hyperlocal salad greens are packed with so many nutrients our bodies need at this darker, colder time of year. Add a bit of interest to your winter leaves by including a fruit like pomegranates, kiwi or blood oranges. The sweet contrasts with the bitter for balance and mixes things up.

Joyful eating

We’ve been thinking a lot about how important it is to really take pleasure in eating. Having just come out of Christmas, it might feel like that’s all about cakes and celebratory meals. But now, more than ever, we need to lean into the textures and flavours of the food we eat day to day, taking time to cook well, light a candle, set the scene and really notice what we’re eating.

On that note…

We’re going to leave you with one of our weekend plans and something we’ve enjoyed recently. We’re looking forward to trying this lentil vegetable shepherd’s pie, putting our rutabaga (swede) to good use. 


And on New Year’s Eve, Adele and Laurence’s family watched Disney Pixar’s Soul and just couldn’t pass up on mentioning it in the Soul Farm newsletter. 😀 Without any spoilers, a core message is that life’s little details are what make it meaningful, down to the falling sycamore seeds. Here’s hoping that you’re able to notice lots of beauty this week.


Lotsa love,

The Soul Farm Team

PS: Thanks for walking into this new year with us. If you’d like to contribute to our team care fund, you can do that here.

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