Crowdfunder — We’re almost half way there

So amazing that we are nearly half way to the total. So many people have pledged and believe in the project so thanks so much to all of you who have got us this far.

Please keep the project going and maybe share with your friends on facebook, twitter or in your instagram stories –

Where your money will go:

Building beds — I’ve been sourcing manure – always interesting!!! We have a horse livery just round the corner that hopefully will be able to bring us some which makes it close to a closed loop system. I won’t be able to access that manure till the Spring I think now, with all this wet weather. So I’ve found 50 tons of cow manure, it will cost a bit of money to get it moved by the farmer but I think this would be a good option so that we can progress making the beds in December and early January.

Greens Harvester —
One tool that your pledges is going towards and will make a big difference to the farm will the Quick Cut Greens Harvester. This will mean I can cut baby kale, some of the salad leaves, I’m either looking at getting on board with this harvester which is in development. I’ve been working and testing another tool with Green Tools and have faith that this will be awesome.

The other option is the tried and tested Quick Cut Greens harvester. Which is powered by a drill and is super easy to move around, but also might be hard work on the old back.

It’s exciting that I can now start planning for these investments and it’s making me super excited for the Spring.

Thanks for your support,

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