Be the soul of the farm

We’re looking for pioneers.
Change makers.
Food lovers.
Because well… the worlds food system needs to change.
It needs to change one small farm at a time.
The end of big soulless agriculture is nigh.
With Brexit about to happen we have a chance to think about the food we eat.
We need more mindful farming.
Farming which looks at ecology and food.
You can be part of the change.
Simply by buying tasty local veg, once a week from a Cornish grower.
Not hard is it?
And you’ll be helping a new venture get off the ground.
Or in the ground (rolls eyes).
All we want is 12 of you to support us in the first year.
If you’re one of the 12 you’ll commit to a summer of vegetables.
I don’t know how much veg I’ll grow.
But I know I can fill 12 boxes a week.
There maybe holes in the leaves.
Some will be wonky.
You might get more veg one week and less another.
But they will be grown purely.
Beyond organically.
And you and I will be growing top soil.
It is an experiment.
But you’ll be there for the journey.
As the first 12, you’ll also get free tickets for your family, to any events we have. Forever.
You’ll also be forever part of the soul of the farm.
Every week you’ll get a bunch of micro greens and lettuce.
Some weeks you’ll also get really tasty kale, chard, radish, carrots and beetroot.
Tomatoes, cucumbers and squash are on the cards.
If I can’t fill a box one week, don’t worry, I’ll have to buy some stuff from other growing  friends, that’s my risk not yours.
I’m asking you to be at the heart of Soul Farm.
You might not have a lump of money that you can just hand over right now.
Don’t worry.
There may well be other ways you can get involved in the future.
These are exciting times.
I know more and more people are thinking about what goes in their meals.
I’ll put food on your plate, you put food on mine.
Once the 12 places are gone.
They’re gone.
Thanks for reading this far too.

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