Join the 2020 veg box membership (CSA)

We’re looking for pioneers, change makers & food lovers.
You can be part of the change.
Because well… the worlds food system needs to change.
It needs to change one small farm at a time.
The end of big soulless agriculture is nigh.
We need more mindful farming.
Farming which looks at ecology and food.
Simply by buying tasty local veg, once a week from a Cornish grower.

As part of the CSA* membership you get

– Two payment options; full season or monthly
– Support local small scale farming
– Amazing fresh Cornish salad veg
– 26 weeks of salad veg
– Veg free from harmful sprays, aquaponics and grow lights
– Choose extras like eggs or flowers

– You also get to know your farmer

* Community Supported Agriculture

This is a new and exciting way of producing and distributing food. We try and connect you with the people that grow the food. We want you to be a part of it, for it to be a community.

Delivered every week on the day of harvest


A salad bag with loads of different leaves, this changes across the season

Across the season:

A load of super healthy and zingy microgreens e.g. Pea Shoots, Radish or Sunflower shoots
Bunched root vegetable e.g carrots or beets
Green house vegetables e.g tomatoes and cucumbers
Other leafs e.g spinach, baby kale, chard
Herbs e.g. Parsley
Winter squash
Sometimes some other experiments
Please be aware this is a small project, we will make sure you get value but you’re here to support us too so a bit of lee-way is appreciated. This is not a big box scheme that will deliver everywhere, but the food will be tastier and last longer. I value feedback and ways to improve. 

How it works:

1. Order
  • Choose which box size you want
  • Decide whether you want to support us for the season or pay monthly
  • Complete order through this website
2. Receive and enjoy
  • We’ll send you recipes and info about storing food (hopefully)
  • You’ll be part of a members facebook page where we can talk about how things work and get updates
  • You’ll either pick up or have your box delivered to you based on where you live and how you organise it with us

Choice of two payment options

A Community Supported Agriculture scheme asks for commitment.
We can’t operate week by week.
We need your help.
Support us for the season and you get 5% off.